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A Site for Professional Upholsterers & Professional Soft Furnishings Fabricators and their Businesses to learn, discuss, and teach in the following fields:
Example of an upholstered chair. Furniture, Antiques, Automotive,
Boat Upholstery, Slipcovers, and Custom Window treatments are some of the topics we discuss.

  • Furniture Upholstery
  • Marine Canvas and Interior Upholstery
  • Automotive Upholstery and Trim
  • Draperies
  • Slipcovers
  • Awnings and Other Soft Furnishings

The site is to enable professionals to network together for the purpose of:
Upholstery Artisan hard at work.
  • Helping each professional provide high quality materials and skills to their customers
  • Promoting top professional standards
  • Improve workmanship
  • Learn how to provide quality service
  • Maintaining professional and ethical conduct
  • Veterans and retired professionals assisting less experienced ones
  • Manage and operate a profitable business
  • Provide a friendly online community
Professional Membership is available to all Professional Upholsterers & Soft Furnishing Fabricators that are interested in improving their craft and sharing with others to help improve our Craft. Some of the tools provided by the Professional Upholstery & Soft Furnishings Group Website include:
  • Forum with exclusive sections for Professionals only
  • Listing of your business on the site for online exposure
  • Personal Photo Gallery
  • And much more (see the Membership Information page below)
Free consumer and Paid professional memberships are currently available depending on your specific needs. Easy and inexpensive web hosting is also available: Membership Information

How this site came to its existence:

As a Professional Upholsterer, I had spent many hours and days searching the web and trying to see what information was available about Upholstery and the Soft Furnishings industry. There are many upholstery suppliers and upholstery fabric sites. Basic How-to articles and tutorials are scattered around the internet for the consumer and do-it-yourselfers. However, little information is available for the Professional Upholsterer and Soft Furnishings Fabricator. I was looking for a site that would cater to the Professional Upholsterer and other businesses in the soft furnishing industry. Most professional upholsterers didn't have other upholsterers accessible to discuss business problems, ideas, techniques, and suppliers.

Several years ago, a small handful group of professional upholsterers and soft furnishing fabricators got together and decided that it would be beneficial to have a site designed just for them. Today, the group has grown significantly and includes members with over 40 years of experience as well as second-generation upholsterers. Some of our members offer a wide range of services while others specialize in certain fields. Many specialties are represented: furniture upholstery, automotive interiors and trim, awning and boat canvas, marine upholstery, and a variety of related fields. Also present are slipcover and window treatment specialists, home furnishings fabricators, and frame repairs and refurnishing professionals. Accordingly, the site has developed into the premier information center to the upholstery trade.

We have also included information for people that need to locate upholstery businesses in their areas, needed to find how-to articles and tutorials for those DIY projects. However, the primary purpose for this site is to give the professional upholsterer and soft furnishings fabricator a place to be part of a membership of other professionals in their fields.

It's all about networking!

While this group is my creation, it takes many people to make it a valuable tool and an asset to the trade of upholstery. Like many organizations, it relies on the participation of its members. This is a dynamic site with thoughtful contributions and insights from professionals with a wide range of backgrounds, specialties, and abilities.

If you have any requests or suggestions, feel free to submit them to me for consideration to be added to the site. Many have helped me improve one aspect or another of this site and I always welcome new ideas.

If you have tutorials or How-to articles that you would like to add to the how-to section under Help, include in our newsletter, please e-mail them to me along with your personal information so that I can give you credit for your submission.